Take Up Our Challenge

Supporting America's favorite bike-a-thon just got more {re}warding. Donate $50 or more by October 1, 2018 and get up to .5% cash back on your next home purchase!

Dear Friends, Neighbors, Fellow Parents;

I write today with enthusiasm as I approach my 3rd ride in the Pan Mass Challenge- the huge bike-a-thon from Sturbridge and Wellesley to Provincetown supporting the Jimmy Fund.

Like all families, we too have experienced cancer.  Most recently my sister in law Tamara, at age 42, received a devastating triple negative diagnosis, driven by her uncovered BRCA gene. The cancer spread uncontrollably, everywhere - bone, organ, soft tissue. Leaving us tearfully planning for my brother and my two young nephews; Graham and Reid.

What seemed inevitable sadness, miraculously took a happy turn.
One small pill inside one small trial –a fortunate break on the double blind study – suddenly evicted the cancer from her body!

As miraculous as the story turned, this was no miracle. It was the result of lifetimes of hard work, dedication, and commitment by doctors, nurses, and researchers.  The type of work only the Jimmy Fund can accomplish.

To keep us on course, the Fund requires money- a lot of money. It needs your money.
Riders and volunteers can ride to the ends of earth and back, but that gallant effort itself simply won’t heal without your support.

So here’s my proposal to help out. A challenge I am pitching to my entire trade group of one million Realtors to join; Start Moving for Good.
It’s a simple coupon, sure, but a powerful idea. Contribute $50 or more to the Jimmy Fund today, and I’ll reward you with a .5% rebate on your next move.  Newton homes are selling for a million dollars - many even more.  Let me convert your $50 donation into a home buying rebate worth up to $5,000- or more- for pledging.

Each year the PMC brings us closer by the mile.  You won’t need to wait long for a 100-fold return on your investment. 
That is not all. I’ll match dollar for dollar any of your rebate portion -even your entire rebate- if you are willing to pay it forward towards the cure. Now that is truly Moving for Good!

Perhaps you are committed to another Realtor. I understand and respect the importance of that relationship. But please, give them a nudge.  See if they are willing to also join the ride.

You won’t often see me up on sites like Zillow or Realtor.com (unless you give me your listing!) Those sites charge tens of thousands a month for business exposure. Instead, you’re more likely to see me passing by with Aidan or Jackie (hopefully soon Imelda) on our bikes.

Even if you are nowhere close to planning your next move, please donate.  Simply pass the card along. Your generous referral is hugely appreciated. I promise to move on it for good.